"Most people can't multitask without losing something in each of those tasks"  is a quote from Michael Mathieu, that came across my desk last week. 

 Multitasking is an attribute that is often cited in the verbiage of a resume as a demonstration of the ability to handle many tasks at the same time.  Does it also imply a lack of focus, partial efforts, and the expectation of apologizing later for incomplete service?  

This situation can occur during face to face networking.  Focusing on the individual speaking during a group conversation shows your interest and builds your rapport with the speaker. Reading or sending text messages or appearing to focus on others is not only disconcerting for the speaker but is also disrespectful. 

We all learn more by listening than by speaking. 

 One of the main job search tools that HAPPEN provides is training in the preparation and targeted distribution of Personal Marketing Letters.  Jim Geraghty is the President of HAPPEN, but he also has operated his own direct marketing business for several years. He continues to have significant success with this technique himself, as have other HAPPEN members who he has coached.His minimum success has been at least a 6% invitation rate, to come in for an interview by prospective employers. 

 The Magic of Marketing Letters presentation will be given during our regular meeting in Burlington on Wednesday. 

Free parking in Burlington as well. Pick up a display pass at the reception desk. 

The Vancouver meeting will held in the same location as usual this Tuesday.  Commencing on Tuesday 6 July the weekly meetings will be held at the offices of The Summit Search Group, Suite 200 - 1311 Howe Street, VancouverV6Z 2P3. 

Our Pool of Talent-  Members Profiles on our website this week. 

Engineering                    124

Executive                       268

Finance                         176

Human Resources              94

Information  Systems        176

Management                   260

Manufacturing                 155

Materials Management        74

Sales & Marketing             315

Other Professions             153

Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them.

New Members last week - 

Roger Luton                         

Andrew Morrow                  

Martin Pradier                   

Barry Walsh                     

Michael Wytiaholowsky         

As we transition into the summer vacation period, new routines will be needed to connect with the hiring decision makers. Try calling early in the morning, before the regular staff have arrived.  The senior person you are looking for may have decided to arrive early to alleviate the pressure of the reduced staffing. 

Attending the meetings is the easiest way to ensure that you meet your target of talking face to face with 5 to 7 people a week.