Registration for the Spring Issue of Happen Candidate profiles will close Friday. 

To be included in the direct hard copy mailing you must register before midnight this Friday 30th April 2010. You can register on the website or at one of the morning meetings. Please make sure you are satisfied with the information you have on display. 

On average members who keep us informed take 20 weeks to find work after joining HAPPEN. During that time members will not hear the same presentation more than once at any given location. 

One of the most helpful workshops is given by Brian Bassett to boost your effectiveness during an interview. Brian will provide hands-on teaching for the whole morning in Markham this week. This will be your only chance to hear him at HAPPEN, because you will be working by the time we see him again in the late fall of this year. 

The hiring process intensifies during the next 8 weeks prior to the summer vacation period. Now is the time to follow up every lead. Over 75% of job leads come from talking face to face with somebody. You may initially make contact electronically, but it is the face to face discussion that imparts your enthusiasm and credibility.
All HAPPEN members have been invited to join the HAPPEN groups on LinkedIn.  Please do not post lists of jobs or lengthy commentaries from any source on HAPPEN link when a contact link will do.   The number of members who withdraw from HAPPEN link when it is misused or abused is noticeable.   The whole membership looses these contacts for the future when this happens. 

The new site has many new features, check them out and update your Profile so recruiters/employers can find you faster. 

Our Pool of Talent : 

Members Profiles on our website this week- 

Engineering                    110

Executive                       248

Finance                         154

Human Resources              86

Information  Systems        164

Management                   237

Manufacturing                 139

Materials Management        66

Sales & Marketing             276

Other Professions             143

 Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them.

 New Members last week :

Debashish Chakravorty             
Alex Cuellar                             
Sandi Davis-John                  
Kim Deveney                    
Snezana Pikula                           
Gary Tamming