Are you a 'Change Victim 'or a 'Change Master'?  As we are all creatures of habit, any change is uncomfortable.   By now you will have overcome some of the discomfort of not being in the routine that was dictated by your employment. If you have been in career transition for several weeks you have developed a new routine. 

 Be a 'Change Master' and deliberately move on even if that feels disconcerting.  A quote from Ralph Bruksos is "Progress always involves risks. You can't steal second base while keeping one foot on first". 

Do you need to spend time, money and effort to obtain a new accreditation?  Would the increased remuneration make such a move a reasonable investment?     Should you move your place of residence?  With job descriptions only lasting 36 months this can be a leap of faith for you and those for whom you are responsible. 

We will not be able to meet in Markham this Thursday, the next meeting at that location will be the following Thursday 3 June 2010. 

 Last Thursday in Markham extra seating had to be squeezed into the back of the room to accommodate the late arrivals for an intensive all morning workshop on maximizing the use of the social media during job search.  Steve Prentice from Bristall Morgan proved adept at answering the many questions from the audience who wish to make effective use of LinkedIn and other programmes. 

 This workshop was another example of the training and information that HAPPEN provides for members who attend the morning meetings. 

There is still an opportunity for a few more members to talk to employers and recruiters directly on behalf of HAPPEN.  By following up on the recent direct mailing of HAPPEN Profiles you may well have the opportunity to give you short infomercial, and open the door to further dialogue.

The new site has many new features, check them out and update your Profile so recruiters/employers can find you faster. 

Our Pool of Talent- 

Members Profiles on our website this week- 

Engineering                    117

Executive                       269

Finance                         169

Human Resources              94

Information  Systems        171

Management                   252

Manufacturing                 150

Materials Management        75

Sales & Marketing             306

Other Professions             147

Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them.

New Members last week- 

Peter Beyer                      

Ronald David                     

Moni Gupta                       

Carina Ho                          

Mike Hollosi                        

Stivan Irkal                        

Robert Rukavina                   

Liuis Soto                           

Guy Tripp                           

Michael Velluso                    

Gary Walker