HAPPEN is operated by volunteers.  Without volunteers HAPPEN would not be able to operate using the current business model. 

The amount of time that volunteers can offer is finite; consequently the amount of services that can be provided for the members is limited. 

Our experience has been that those who volunteer get back to work faster.  This is not magic. Volunteers are more visible and therefore receive more help. 

Volunteers cannot be fired for inadequate performance. All members rely on volunteers to do what they volunteered to do.  

Charles Stewart continues to consistently provide coordination of the volunteers to provide support for each meeting.  

If you are scheduled to help at a meeting please arrive in time to perform the duties you have offered to do. If you are not going to be available please let Charles know in time for a substitute to be arranged.

There are times when members conclude they are unable to attend a HAPPEN meeting because they have an interview.     If it is a third or final interview that would be understandable, but if it is a first interview with a recruiter, a better stance would be that you already have a meeting scheduled, but may be available at an alternate time. 

As a valuable professional your time is in great demand, and you are already committed to other functions of your job search.   Always being ready to change your schedule may give the appearance that you are desperate to accept anything. This will weaken your negotiating ability as a desirable professional expert who is in great demand by a number of employers. 

The HAPPEN meetings are a vital part of your well orchestrated job search strategy. Do not discard them without careful consideration.  A recruiter will be flexible for you if the position appears to be a good fit. 

The number of contacts that are available at a meeting is almost incalculable.  As you let the other members know your needs, more help will come to you. Especially, as you reciprocate by offering your help. 

Our Pool of Talent -  Members Profiles on our website this week: 

Engineering                    125

Executive                       273

Finance                         181

Human Resources              95

Information  Systems        183

Management                   257

Manufacturing                 154

Materials Management        74

Sales & Marketing             324

Other Professions             154

Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them.

New Members last week : 

Miroslava Anicic             

Robert Champagne                   

John Dorsay                            

Suzanne Fletcher         

Paul Martin