Several new members have joined us this week. They are listed in this newsletter.    Please contact them with your own welcome and offer of help.    Those who have already attended an orientation session have been advised to introduce themselves on HAPPENlink. They also will be in touch with the members they met last week. 

New members who have not yet attended a meeting are encouraged to make it a priority in their daily schedule of tasks during their transition.

The face to face communication interchange is the best time for your soft skills to be demonstrated.   Others have similar experience and expertise, but nobody has your strength of personality and demeanour that will be the right fit for your next employer.  People hire people like them, because they feel comfortable that you can work with them. 

How many discussions and /or interviews have you set as your goal for the coming week?      How close did you come for the job search goals you set for last week? 

Are you working with a buddy or colleague to make yourself accountable to someone?  Two friends working together can be encouraging and help one another to measure their performance.  

Job search is hard work that benefits from a disciplined approach.  The primary object is to keep track of the people you meet, their contact information, and some notes on the type of work they are seeking. 

There has been a change in one of the scheduled speakers this week. The correction has been made on the website for your easy reference.   Jim Geraghty our Programs Manager has been able to persuade Peter De Jaeger to make the presentation in Markham this Thursday.  

As Peter travels internationally in addition to writing for many publications, we are fortunate to hear his extensive perspective on the change that is continuing in the business climate.  Peter has a wide geographical and societal experience, and watched the changes over the years thereby giving some insight into the prospects for job seekers in executive and management positions. 

Come to Markham to hear Peter this week. Breakfast, parking, pens, paper and candy are included in your regular attendance fee. 

Our Pool of Talent- 

Members Profiles on our website this week- 

Engineering                    127

Executive                       270

Finance                         176

Human Resources              94

Information  Systems        177

Management                   259

Manufacturing                 152

Materials Management        70

Sales & Marketing             321

Other Professions             153 

Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them. 

New Members last week - 

Ernie Barnard                         

Lorraine Durocher       

Debra Fagerdahl              

Balan Gunaratnam   

Simo Labus                          

Carol Laimer                   

Robert MacDonald     

Emmanuel Mensah

Vivek Swaminathan 

Kumar Thavarajasoorier      

Henry Zhu