To improve the communications between members we all need to ensure that the HAPPENlink newsgroup address has not inadvertently become part of any personal small group mailing you may use.  This has come to prominence this week seemingly by HAPPENlink@yahoogroups.ca being included in individuals LinkedIn addresses. 

Please check your mailing list before sending a message to ensure you are not sending to the HAPPEN link newsgroup inadvertently.    This may take some extra effort especially if you are using a pocket PDA. 

This Thursday the Markham meeting will be held in a different room in the Monte Carlo Inn.  The boardroom is directly across the hall from our usual location in the Rouge room.  The Boardroom has limited seating so those who have pre-registered will have first choice.  

Curt Skene has agreed to lead a pilot version for HAPPEN of his Career Base Camp.  This will be a popular all morning workshop. We will let you know when the seats are all filled. 

If you missed the in depth workshop given by Steve prentice in Markham recently, the text is available on the HAPPEN Blog at http://blog.happen.ca/?p=1399 

There are more gems on the HAPPEN Blog, be sure read the titles every week. You may find the answers to some part of the job search process that has been eluding you. 

Our Pool of Talent - Members Profiles on our website this week. 

Engineering                    124

Executive                       269

Finance                         172

Human Resources              94

Information  Systems        174

Management                   258

Manufacturing                 157

Materials Management        76

Sales & Marketing             309

Other Professions             151 

Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them. 

New Members last week

Jim Cowan                           

Chris Hill                             

Steve Junphe               

Peter O'Neil                        

John Olsen                     

Heather Santamaria          

Mandeep Thethi          

Heather Way Trabulsi