2014 LI event2  Sept. 9th

This event was featured Perry Monaco from LinkedIn and Sarah Zeldman frequently referred to as the E-marketing Maven, Emceed by every popular and Humors Anthony Lindan.

From LinkedIn Perry, truly gave a users guide to how best to use this ever powerful and growing Business tool. LinkedIn has approximately 313 million members around the world. And it continues to grow at a rapid rate. One of the Key takeaways was Perry’s analogy around the importance of Including a Photo on your Profile, “ Not having a profile photo on LinkedIn, is akin to attending a networking a networking event with a bag over your head.”

LI PhotoPerry mentioned that LinkedIn members with photos are over 7 times more likely to be found in searches (other sources may question this, one site that offers information about LinkedIn (By The Numbers -100 Amazing LinkedIn Statistics)

The Number of Canadians are 10 million members - and that's almost one third of the country's population. We're one of over 200 countries that have LinkedIn members. He also noted that Brazil has 16 million, the USA has 100 million people. Further stats of this type can be found using any of the sites mentioned above.

Earlier in 2014, LinkedIn launched its operation in China - more about that later on. He noted that since one third of all Canadians are on LinkedIn, this means that your competition is already there. And that if you're not on it, you really should be.

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An average network size for a typical LinkedIn member is about 50 to 60 people. A large network is something like 5,700. The maximum first level connections you can have is 30,000. LinkedIn allows you to do things such as build new partnerships for any reason you wish.

The "header" of your LinkedIn profile is what people see first. It's very much like the HAPPEN 30 second infomercial and it allows you to create that first impression. If it's a solid and powerful presentation, you've increased your chances of connecting and achieving your goals.

What are you going to say in that 30 seconds/top section of your LI profile? Perry challenged our audience to think about all this through an exercise at each table. Turn to the person you are sitting next to, and offer a 30 second infomercial or similar brief selling tool to advertise your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

You can find Perry at: linkedin.com/in/perrymonaco Twitter: @elvisrun

Email: perrymonaco@linkedin.com

Following lunch, Anthony introduced, in his usual magical manner, Sarah Zeldman, who also calls herself "The E-Marketing Maven". Sarah began by noting that we're here today to tap the hidden job market, attract recruiters, and to look for a suitable position that can help you move forward in your career.


It's easy to get overwhelmed by the various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…) and how much time you need to spend learning how to use them and then actually doing so. It's especially tough because they all keep changing and evolving, LinkedIn is a perfect example.

With a bit of strategic planning and know-how, you can learn how to use social media effectively and efficiently. Make a plan and then integrate it into your daily routine. If done properly, you can become an expert and be well known and respected by others.

We noted a 2013 survey on http://www.jobvite.com/ which stated that 94% of companies used social media to recruit new staff. 93% view a candidates profile after they apply and 42% have reconsidered a candidate based on their profile's content. 78% of recruiters made a hire based on their social media searches and related experience. All this and other evidence teaches us that it's important to use social media effectively.

Use Sarah's 3-step formula she calls PSM, to help establish your social media profile. These three steps are follows: First, Post your own original content. Second, Share other people's content. Third, Mingle and join social media conversations.

Step One, Create posts that cater to your audience and put yourself in their shoes. Remember that it's not just about you; it's also about your target audience. As part of this you can share other people's content - this leads to the second of the three steps.

Step Two, is sharing other people's content through links and other tools. Let's suppose you're on LinkedIn or Facebook and you just read a fabulous article that you'd love to share with your network? Write an appropriate introduction that takes your target audience into account. Why are you sharing this article? What benefit will someone gain from reading that article? Sarah shared various tools that can help you develop content.

Step Three, is mingling - as in start and join conversations. Sarah feels that this could be the most fun of the three steps. It's important to use social media in a bold and effective manner. Don't stay on the sidelines, be brave and join in.

Sarah's three-step formula can offer many benefits, such as helping you create a bridge with former colleagues, recruiters, influencers and others in your target audience.

Posting, sharing and/or mingling can increase your visibility, when someone learns of a company that is hiring (such as their own), if you have develop a positive rapport with them via these three steps, they may be more likely to put your name forward to the HR manager or others in hiring positions. It could very well improve the chances of your getting that job. It still comes down to your connections and who you know, both in person and online. This formula is a great way to build those connections.

Following our mid afternoon break, Sarah returned and started an online tour of 4 major social media sites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google +. If you could make it, you missed a lot of valuable information. We will attempt to post greater details on Sarah’s presentation but due to the overwhelming demand we will be having her back to do a focused Social Media presentation, so stay tuned.

You can find Sarah at: Sarah Zeldman The E-Marketing Maven Social Media Trainer and Speaker

#7 In Top 30 Marketing Gurus You Should Know .Tel: (905) 709-7729

Email: Sarah@TheEmarketingMaven.com

Get Report At: http://www.TheEmarketingMaven.com

We thank Greg Brown for his meticulous notes for the conference, of which the above is only the highlights, for full details contact Greg or better yet attend the next Event.

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