Following up on a recent Social Media presentation in Burlington by Martin Buckland and Barbara Mackie, HAPPEN member Roy Amm quickly put their recommendations into action and has seen immediate results!

I've boiled down the steps he implemented so you too can get off the "Secret List" and start increasing your connections.  Based on member feedback I have taken the liberty to BOLD the 5 most productive Strategies.

  • I sent Martin my resume for review. (free one time offer to all HAPPEN members). I received a personal call from Martin the very next day.
  • I personalized my Linked-In profile link. This took literally a minute or two to complete.
  • I created a Google Profile. Again, a simple task requiring only a short while to complete.
  • I then created my Google+ acc. (must have a Google Profile first)
  • I searched for my name on Zoom Info.com and claimed my profile. I was amazed at how much information there was on me at this site.
  • I set my electronic calendar to remind me to update my resume on social networks monthly.(This will continue even after I have 'landed')
  • I visited Martins website at www.aneliteresume.com  - there are a host of tips and ideas available there.
  • I joined a number of new groups on Linked-In . I am trying to add something meaningful, while "beating my drum", to these groups.
  • I included my telephone number on my Linked-In profile - making it that much easier for Hiring Managers to connect.
  • I started reviewing people who had visited my Linked-In profile and following Martin's advice dropped them all a polite message which reads... "I notice that you have recently visited my Linked-In profile, How can I help you?" - This single approach has since led to 3 face to face meetings and 2 telephone calls. It has also led to numerous communications via e-mail etc.(Remember it's only been 10 days)
  • I opened a Twitter acc. Still working my way around this method of communication so I can't report back on any successes yet. (Follow me at @RoyAmm if you wish.)
  • I have identified my "top 40 Companies" These are companies where I would like to work or create connections. I am 'following' them on Linked-In and Twitter
  • I used to review my profile hits on Linked-In and see for e.g. " 8  Your profile has been viewed by 8 people in the past 3 days"... since starting all the above I am now seeing things like e.g. " 17  Your profile has been viewed by 17 people today!!!"
  • I have been asked to submit resumes for opportunities in both China and Egypt, to the US and obviously Canada.

We thank Roy for sharing his success.