Canadian Business magazine has an online article that mentions HAPPEN. The writer makes some very nice statements about HAPPEN and offers a link to the website.

Here's the article (posted on Jan. 9):


A few more thoughts on jobs and a new service for unemployed execs…

The bad news on jobs is even worse in the U.S. I see the Labor Department says the U.S. economy lost another 524,000 jobs in December, enough to boost the unemployment rate to 7.2 million, and the largest number since World War II. Ouch.
It’s official. The real economy in the U.S. is in freefall. There are a lot of people looking to Obama’s stimulus package as a cure for this. But it’s interesting to note today that New York Times columnist and Nobel-laureate economist Paul Krugman says the package Obama has outlined do enough to get the economy from unravelling, so steep is the drop-off in economic activity.
We’re moving into the most turbulent part of this thing in terms of real economic effects, and it’s getting scary. Let’s just hope the stock market begins looking through the bad news at some point and begins pricing in a recovery.
In fact, this is already happening says Jeff Rubin, CIBC World Markets chief economist and chief strategist. In his latest portfolio strategy report released this morning he says, “The bad news is that we are in a recession, and a fairly deep one at that. The good news is that the stock market has already discounted a depression.” He’s calling the TSX at 11,000 by the end of the year.
So that’s good news. Though, it is likely of little comfort to those who have lost their jobs as a result of the economic turbulence. For those affected by the jobs cuts, a reader has brought to my attention a new networking group for mid-level executives looking for work, HAPPEN.
I can’t vouch for the service, as I’ve only just been made aware of it. But considering today’s job numbers, the services might be something many professionals might like to look into. They’ve set up weekly meetings in Mississauga, Burlington, Toronto and Vancouver. Here’s the link to their site: http://www.happen.ca/