Our own Jim Geraghty, president of HAPPEN, was quoted extensively in this morning's Globe and Mail in an article on "Age" written by Rebecca Dube that appeared in the Life section. in the article Ms Dube says that "age is a touchy topic in the workplace." Some executives even lie about their age as did Tom Anderson, cofounder of MySpace who listed his age at 32 when, in fact according to the article, he's actually 37.

Jim is quoted as saying that "job seekers past their late 40s may not want to emphasize their age, but they shouldn't be shy about their experience." The article goes on to report that Jim says corporate hiring managers have started realizing that the retiring of the baby boom generation will leave them with a dearth of experienced workers.

A CBC radio interview this morning with members of the police community reported that there are fears being expressed that public safety may even be jeopardized due to the large numbers of police officers retiring or changing careers.

Back to the Globe and Mail article, Jim is quoted again as saying that "age is certainly an issue, but I think it is more in the minds of individuals applying for work."

Perhaps the best suggestion in the article is to find an employer who "accepts the real you."