Many business owners have asked me how I became such an effective networker. My response is “the secret to your success is your daily routine”. Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day; the better question to ask is how you use those hours.

1. Business Card

I use a one-sided business card because it is simple and to the point. Name, business, phone and email address with the second side being blank. Many people I was meeting didn’t have business cards so I used the “two card process”. As I hand my card out there was a second card underneath so they would write their contact information and hand it back to me. Every entrepreneur should carry business cards and they should be ready to hand them out at every networking event or opportunity.

2. Attitude

When you are in a networking environment it’s very important to have a positive attitude. After all, you are there to generate business. People around you will remember the way you speak and present yourself.

Remember the 3 foot distance rule. You want to be in their space but not in their face. Smile and be courteous. Be ready with a mini explanation of what you do. Stephen Covey says “begin with end in mind” in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. You are there to meet and connect and collect business cards with the result of generating business.

3. Key Questions

Many people I speak to always have a challenge with initiating conversation. This is easy to overcome. We actually do it everyday when we talk about the weather, the sports or the news. In the networking environment it?s done with the specific intent to learn more about the person you are speaking with.

Debra Fine in The Power of Meeting New People talks about having ice-breaker questions. For example you could say “Good afternoon. My name is Terry Grant. I’m from Resolutions Inc. How are you doing?” This can be improved upon with “Great to meet you Steve. My name is Terry Grant. What got you started in this industry?” Or “Tell me about how you…” Or “What do you see as the coming trends in your industry?” And if you are just starting out it never hurts to ask something like “What kind of advice would you give someone starting out in this business?” These type of questions will definitely get more conversation flowing and may lead to a powerful conversation.

Entrepreneurs are seeking ways to voice their passions, talents and experiences to show everyone that it can be done. Networking is and will always be the best way to learn and participate. Put yourself in the arena and learn your hobby or interest and let it grow by building successful relationships with people who may become friends, associates and perhaps lifetime mentors.

About the Author

Jim Pagiamtzis is the owner and founder of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!. He works with consultants, entrepreneurs and corporate professionals on effective communication. He will teach you how to get to the next level in your business, through prospecting, effective presentation-skills, and customer service. Jim has written articles for Empower.ca and has been quoted by Empower.ca, and HappyWorker.ca.

He can be reached at payamgis Check out www.jimpagiamtzis.wordpress.com and www.jimpagiamtzis.blogspot.com