F-011 Personal Infomercial – Confidence and Presence


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“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!”

(Author unknown)

The Confident and Poised Delivery

1. You are selling yourself, so be sure to dress in something that not only makes you
look powerful but also makes you feel great about yourself. The basic rule for power
dressing is to wear a high contrast outfit. Combining a white shirt with a dark, solid
colour is best. This simplicity gets and holds people’s attention.
2. Think of how proud you are of your accomplishments – all of the good things that
have brought you to this point in your life.
3. Straighten out your shoulders and stand tall. This will give you an air of confidence.
The effect should be . . .”Here I am, world. I know what I’m doing.”
4. Take a deep, relaxing breath. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
5. Smile. When you smile, you make others feel good and they will listen to you.
6. Sound enthusiastic. If you aren’t excited about what you do, why would we get
excited about helping you?
7. Speak loudly and clearly. You want you message to be heard and understood.
8. Never apologize for anything you feel you are lacking. For instance, . . . “I have three
degrees but lack experience.” Instead, stress the education you have and the
knowledge of the subject. (If you haven’t kept up your computer skills, then show a
willingness to take courses. (Better yet, take the courses and talk about what you are
9. Say everything in a positive manner.
10. End by letting us know exactly what you want us to do to help you

My definition of Networking is:

Working together towards realizing each other’s goals and the mutual benefits of all. To
help each other, we need to get to know each other. Therefore, your “Personal Info-
mercial” is important. I encourage you to put a lot of thought into it.

Your One Minute Personal Info-Mercial

You need to make your one-minute “Personal Info-mercial” a powerful one. Take a deep
breath; stand tall, smile and in a strong, clear voice tell us exactly who you are, what you
want to do and how we can help you. Here is a guideline to help you plan your info-





(In order to capture the audience’s attention and interest – use
a clear statement of what you are and what you want to do.)








Point 1.

Your Formal Education, degrees, certificates and awards. (If you don’t have a
degree, don’t apologize - just say nothing about this and play upon your experience and love
of the work.)







Point 2.

Experience in the field. (e.g., number of years, companies worked for, positions







Point 3.

Something personal. (What you love about the work. What makes you better
than the other candidates. Why you are seeking this position.)







(Clearly explain what a good lead for you would be.)






Written by Judy Suke – Triangle Seminars and Consulting, Waterdown, ON.
Phone: (905) 690-9900 E-mail: jsuke@cogeco.ca
Website: www.triangleseminars.com