Let's face it, we are all busy. With the advent of social media and being able to keep in touch so more frequently and readily - we now have many more people "on our radar" then ever before.

So when someone in your network comes to you for help, how easily do you remember what help they need, 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week later?
Chances are within a few hours or at least days most of what they told you is forgotten. It's not a reflection of them or your relationship or the value you place on them. They are doing exactly the same with the information you asked them to remember.

Ask them to make it easy for you and outline it in a one page document. Not something you necessarily carry around with you but may refer to on occasion.

Ask them to list the following:

Problems you should be listening out for that they can solve.
Their specific expertise - top two or three things they are best known for.
Specific companies or opportunities they would like an introduction to.

What they are doing is setting up some triggers for you that will then sub- conciously listening out for. You would be wise to do the same for whatever you want help from your network.

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