Personal Market Letter Presentation

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April 30th 2013

Jim Geraghty



Dear Jim

I want to write to you with the results of my first effort using marketing letters.

Although somewhat skeptical about how they could work for me with my unique background, I decided to give it a try.

With your kind assistance, I crafted a letter I felt comfortable with and researched thirty firms and organizations to target.

The letters were mailed on a Sunday evening and, within 36 hours, I had a positive response from a firm that I am very very interested in. The next day, I received another reply. Both of these have led to appointments. It works!

I am delighted with the response (6.7%) and with the method as well. It puts me in control of this entire  process which I think is very important to any of us who are seeking the next career opportunity. I would strongly encourage any members who have not tried it yet, to add this to their repertoire of strategies. The guideline (F020) is straightforward and with some effort to make it personal, this letter may open doors to unannounced opportunities.

I appreciate the efforts you have made, Jim, not only for me but for all of us and am very happy that I found HAPPEN.

With kind regards

Michael Wm. Leahy