Randall Craig has spoken to HAPPEN groups in the past and his message has always been well received. But thanks to blogging, you can get more tips from Randall right now by visiting his blogsite at: http://www.randallcraig.com/blog. In fact, Randall has three other web sites that cover all his various business and coaching interests. There's lots of great information to browse.

Case in point, is his September 2 Tip Sheet called The First Day of School. Without giving away too much, lets just say that Randall offers some terrific tips about how to change your old habits to help you move forward more easily in your new life.

By the way, this is how blogging works. If you'd like to leave a comment on Randall's blog (or leave one here too), there's a space for comments. I left one which Randall has to approve first. Blog administrators approve each comment to eliminate spam or commercial sales messages. In this way, we start to create our own social online network of contacts. Thanks to Randall for sharing his ideas with HAPPEN.