Everyone is telling me that I have to get all over this new fad called social networking. I need to Twitter my 140 character brilliance, start Facebooking a following, blog my beliefs and get LinkedIn with all the right people. So guess what… I am! I am now creating an awesome digital footprint to cement my place in this world. Social networking is where it’s at today.

In my keynote, I discuss the incredible importance of creating a brilliant impression because if you want to create real influence today you need to get strangers to start talking about you.

So the great news is with the advent of Social Networking you finally have the tools to get your message out there wide and fast. But… there is a catch, because with social networking now everyone including your competitors can network fast too! In fact, as I write this blog thousands of others are blogging their intellect just like me!

What I notice is Social Networking moves your message fast. However, with the rapid flow of information today our message can be easily topped by new ideas coming down the pipe so repetition of the message is key. Communication as we know it no longer sits on desks in hopes of a future decision. Now it’s the Twitterverse or Blogosphere that sucks up all that we know and spews it out for others to read. Where your knowledge will go and how long it sticks in people’s minds all depends on how interesting and compelling you make it for others to hold on to. Bottom line… if you want employers to remember you, you need to give them something worth remembering and repeating to others.

Social Networking isn’t just a shift in technology it’s a shift in thinking about the way we need to communicate with others. Today, because of this high-tech pace we live in not only does your message have to be short and to the point it has to grab people quickly or you risk losing them to another flash of brilliance flying by. In the past we measured impressions over months now its days sometimes even hours.

So what are you doing to keep top of mind with potential employers? How often are you refreshing that message so that you are once again at the top in your employer’s world? You need to ask what you know that makes others want to talk about you and then share your expertise with others. Crowded places (like we experience with the digital universe) can create confusion because there are too many places for you or your message to get lost. Your challenge is to define your space, communicate it brilliantly and make your message so damn exciting others want to repeat it for you!

So go ahead… pass this message on will ya!!
Curt Skene
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