by Irene Becker, Chief Success Officer, Just Coach It | The 3Q Edge™

Are you managing at the speed of change OR allowing the changes you face to manage YOU? Imagine deciding to use every challenge as an opportunity to learn, share and develop solutions. Managing at the speed of change means moving your people from asking who did it, to what can we do about it. It means investing time to solve the problem, and determining how to avoid similar problems in the future. It means getting back on track by focusing on solutions. It means being able to stop destructive conflict, hidden agendas, selfishness, values mis-alignments with a commitment to shared goals and objectives.

It is not always easy, but managing at the speed of change means using challenges to developing solutions that drive success. Solutions that build your Q strengths; IQ-enhanced focus, potential, action-ability under pressure, EQ/EI-emotional management, improved communication, leadership, SQ-values alignment. Three key strengths that are critical for success in a whole new world, workplace and market place of unprecedented change, challenges, competition and opportunity.

In every great mistake, there is an answer that can help you fail forward. A pivotal lesson that can help make you manage better at the speed of change. Success means making course corrections when and where YOU need to, rather than getting stuck in stasis, playing the blame game or becoming reactive. It means responding, leading, managing by addressing mistakes in a way that allows the individual or team to fail forward, to move past the mistake by developing powerful solutions that not only fix the immediate problem but avert future problems.

Managing at the speed of change means building a fence around core values. Core values are the legs of the table, the anchor on which business success stands. A business without core values, an individual or team that does not respect and protect the integrity of its vision and mission is destined to fail. There must be zero tolerance for mistakes that destroy the core values that are critical to success. What are your core values? How are they expressed in your workplace? How can you use these values to inspire, engage and lead yourself and others?

What are YOUR guidelines for success? How can you use current challenges to build YOUR success guidelines? How use these guidelines to develop the engagement, communication, collaboration, focus and potential that drives results at the speed of change? How can you take the lead in defining your success guidelines and using them to take back YOUR power to use challenges to create solutions?

The answers you seek can only be found in getting naked with your truth by seeing challenges/changes with new eyes. Eyes that will allow you to embrace challenges as learning experiences, failures as stepping stones to success, and communication problems as ruts in the road that need to be addressed and fixed. Eyes that will allow you to develop your Q strengths by moving away from being reactive and embracing the ability to respond to challenges by managing change and not waiting for change to manage or lead you.