I knew a guy once that would apply to about 100 jobs and get two call backs. First off, those aren’t great odds and pretty much tell me something isn’t right here. But, secondly – what was even worse was that after he received the call backs he promptly ended his job search. He would declare, I know I’ll get one of these jobs so I don’t have to look anymore. Ok, well maybe he wouldn’t march around, sword in hand, declaring these statements boldly; but that is pretty much what he was saying by abruptly stopping his job search. This wasn’t that long ago and I know you’re thinking who would do such a thing is this economy? Here are some no brainer tips for a successful job search:

1. Just because you receive a call back for an interview does not mean you can stop your job search.

2. Just because your interview went outstanding does not mean you can stop your job search.

3. Unless you have a firm offer on the table you have accepted, completed new hire paperwork, and have a start date do not stop your job search.

4. If you are unemployed, about to be laid off, or in a bad situation at your current employer; treat finding a job LIKE A JOB! A 40-hour a week job.

How can I spend 40 hours a week looking for a job? There are ways my friend! Contrary to popular belief applying online is not the only way to find a job. Behold! A list of 6 other ways to find a job.

1. Broadcast (Marketing) letters. After staying home for the first year after my daughter was born I needed a proactive way other then applying online to find a job. I was lucky enough to know EXACTLY what I wanted to do when I went back to work so this is what I did. I printed out on professional resume paper my resume and cover letter and sent it to every staffing agency and recruiting office within a 45 mile radius of my house. I got more call backs from this then I did applying online.

2. Door-to-door. Albeit more time consuming – dropping a professional resume off in person still speaks volumes. (Do not attempt this if you are an executive.) Professional and entry-level job seekers go wild. Even if they don’t have a “We’re Hiring” sign in the window you would be surprised how many people do not post jobs. In fact, I read an interesting statistic the other day that said 75% of jobs are not even posted! In addition to that, when I left my full time position to operate the business full time I had the Regional VP ask me how we could fill the position without posting the job or dealing with a HUGE influx of applications. It wasn’t worth the hassle to them. WOW, did that ever open my eyes to how things have changed. And it should yours too.

3. Network. You always hear it said – it’s not always what you know but who you know. That is the truth! Prime example, when I left my position my sister-in-law was actually looking to return to work after 3 years of staying at home to raise her children. She knew nothing about HR and certainly wasn’t at an HR Mgmt level but they decided to make the role more administrative vs. management and offered her the position.

4. Social networking. I never really believed how fruitful this could be until I made the change and got really involved on LinkedIn. Now I’m addicted. I love the site, I have 48 groups I’m in and I’ve connected with professionals I never would have, had I not joined. In fact, because of my profile and active participation I’ve received multiple offers to publish my content and you can now read my blog and career articles across the net! Not to mention several organizations have contacted us about having our samples in their software programs and website databases. I’m telling you – IT WORKS! Get smart and get a facebook page, twitter account, and LinkedIn account. Keep it professional and make them work for you.

5. Get your resume on the net. Not just on job boards ON THE INTERNET! I meet clients every day who are taking advantage of technology and publishing their resumes and cover letters on the internet. They have their own websites and their own professional brand. This is not only forward-thinking and visionary, it’s genius and it works!

6. Be creative! The sky is the limit, I know one person who printed up her resume on flyers and went around store parking lots putting her resume on cars. Crazy or genius? She had a job that same week.

There are many other avenues to pursue in your job hunt as well, like I said the sky is the limit. So get creative! Think of finding a job like marketing a product or service. If you wanted to sale that product or service what would you do? Now think about that in terms of what you can do to market yourself and your personal brand!


A guest post by Jessica Holbrook, a former Executive Hiring Manager for Fortune 500 companies and President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast.

Article courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap, a content exchange service sponsored by CollegeRecruiter.com.