Any job seeker determined to finally have a meaningful career would agree that the job interview is the most crucial stage in the process. Even if you have a remarkable resume, an excellent online profile, and made a good impression during your networking efforts, if your interview performance doesn’t match up, you run the risk of falling flat.

After going through all that work to go as far as the interview, of course, you’d rather not run that risk.

With that in mind, what can you do to get better chances of being offered the job?

The answer is pretty simple, be prepared! Practice what you’re going to say (but not to the point where it sounds scripted and unnatural), research about the company ahead, and come up with your own communication strategy.

Previously, I had talked about what you should NOT be doing during an interview, which can definitely help “suit you up” for your interview. Now to better power you up, here are five ways to speak in a way that persuades employers that YOU are the ideal candidate!

#`1 - Speak with assertiveness, confidence, and enthusiasm.

You can have the most impressive background and skills there is but if you speak in a dry, monotone voice, you’ll easily bore your interviewer. They may even think you’re not truly interested in the job since you sound so bored and apathetic. Your tone of voice makes ALL the difference in interviews, so make sure you practice how you’re going to deliver what you’re going to say! Remember to keep your interviewer listening and engaged.

It's HOW you say WHAT you say that matters.

#2 - Speak with structure.

The interviewer has probably interviewed quite a few more candidates before you, and maybe more so after your turn, so how do you make sure you’ll be remembered? The answer: make it easy for your interviewer to take notes by speaking with structure. Two best ways to do this is to use the CAR method for behavioural questions, which stands for Context, Action, and Result. The second is focusing on the three key reasons for motivational questions and three key actions you took to do something or your top three achievements, because people think of things in threes.

Apply a consistent framework to speak to stand out.

#3 - Provide proof.

You know what they say, if you got it, flaunt it! If you have any amazing success stories to share in your previous jobs, let your interviewer know. Provide example scenarios where you resolved a problem or made a big contribution to a company. If you even have the numbers or statistics to prove it, use them! However, you need to remember that there’s a fine line between showing the employer what you’re capable of and being cocky, so be careful.

Give evidence of support to backup your candidacy.

#4 - Speak about what’s important to the employer.

How will your accomplishments and experience resonate with your employer? How will it make your employer see you’re capable of owning the role? Remember that every company experiences different challenges, despite being in the same industry. Thus, you need to take a more targeted approach to your interviews by talking about how you can solve their problems and add value to their company. If possible, try attending an informational interview with someone in your network who works with the company. You can also attend one of the company’s info sessions and talk directly with recruiters and hiring managers.

Know what it takes to be successful in the role.

#5 - Speak in a concise manner.

Interviews are no place for you to beat around the push or ramble, your interviewer’s time is precious, so don’t make him feel as if you’re just wasting it! Be straight to the point with your answers and bottomline your messages. You don’t always have to give a long answer as long as it’s concrete and it’s what the interviewer is looking for. You’re still free to elaborate and support your answers, but be wary of going off topic!

Create effective sound bites.

Once you have these down you’ll be delivering an impressive interview as easily as talking to a friend!

There are several more ways for you to be at your best during job interviews, and this Tuesday, Sept. 20, I’ll be doing a seminar on How to Be Impressive and Ace Your Interviews in Mississauga, Ontario!

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Hope to see you there, good luck in your next interviews!

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