To advance your career and make sure your job hunt is on track there are a number of things that you must make sure you are doing right. In fact as a job seeker, looking to get a job should in fact be your full-time job. Today we are going to look at 5 quick, key reasons you are not getting the response from employers that you feel you should. If you are guilty of any of these offenses, today is a great day to take action.

#1. You are not making your job hunt personal.
What we mean here is that you are still sending generic resumes to "whom it may concern." Get personal. Find the names of the HR Directors, hiring managers or the person doing the hiring at the company. Then send them a personal note with a custom resume catered to their company and position that you wish to have.

# 2. You are looking where everyone else is looking.
As a job board, you to look at apply to the jobs that are offered. It's a great way to see a mass number of open positions at one time. However, do know that you are competing with a larger number of candidates. Do your homework and find open positions through networking, online searching and leveraging job boards and vertical search engines to uncover hidden gems.

# 3. You believe every word coming out of the television.
If you think everything is all doom and gloom, its time to snap out of it. Florida is a top 5 city for available internships and entry level positions - so you are in a great place to find opportunity. Take a few minutes out of your day to find positivity and you will find yourself having less stress and an open mind towards your job hunt.

# 4. Bad E-Mails.
I say this every time that we have a job fair and it is still a major problem that I can assure you is hampering your job prospects. Read your emails, proof them and then look at them again. Start with the subject line and work your way down. Today alone I had emails with
◦ No subject
◦ Subject line that stated, "Look at my resum"
◦ Opening sentence that read, "You sayed send resume so I sended to you."

# 5. You are not as productive as you think you are.
This is the full time job scenario. Sending out a few resumes in the morning and catching some daytime soaps is not showing determination, initiative or progress. Get into the habit of forming actions that produce successful reactions.

There you have it. I have called out your bluffs, your safety nets and your excuses. All that is left is the hard work that allows you to work hard.

Jennifer Montez
Online Marketing Coordinator at New Grad Life