Over the last year I have written about my experience and success with Linkedin Strategies that have produced measurable results. While I often get very target specific on articles, this week I wanted to just provide five tips that will drive results for your profile.

Here are 5 (five) Tips that will drive Profile results on Linkedin:

1. Your Headline: Should communicate your focus and how you can help others. This is not the place to name the company you’re apart of. You are listing that in your current employment. Take mine for example, currently I have this as my headline (which is directly under your name)

“Sales & Marketing Director | Social Media Strategist focusing on Lead Generation, ROI, Optimization, and Brand Advocacy”

2. Label your websites! People are more likely to click web links that have a few keywords rather than “my website”. Simply go to edit and change them with the selection of “other” and follow it from their.

3. Public Profile Link: This should just be your full name at the end and no numbers or other data. Be sure to change this if it does not read similar to mine. http://www.linkedin.com/in/randyschrum . This will give you a slightly better ranking on Google. (by the way have you googled your name lately?)

4. Your Summary: This is a summary of why you’re on Linkedin and how you can help others. Again communicate your focus.

5. Specialties: Load your specialties with very specific keywords that relate to your unique experience. Put some real thought into this as this will drive search results that you may show up in when Linkedin users search for specific keywords. For example I did not just put sales in mine, I also listed “Strategic Account Management”, this is just one example of how targeted I have gotten on my specialties. This has paid major dividends for me.

~Randy Schrum