3 Reasons to Embrace Uncertainty in 2016crazy4u_invitation_cover2

It seems there is never a shortage of bad news going around. 2015 has certainly had its share. Environmental disasters, pervasive war and violence, corporate restructure, not to mention turbulent financial markets. Most people approach the New Year with excitement and hope. However, what happens after the first bit of bad news hits your world? Whether its job loss, health or stock market volatility?   How do you handle it? What can you do learn from, thrive and find opportunity in it?

In baseball you can only score points/runs by taking risks. Playing it safe is not progress. Progress involves moving forward, taking chances and stepping outside your comfort zone. However, as with everything you must play it smart.

  • Ask Yourself... Moving forward how can I minimize risks?


Concerned about the markets? Learn more about what is happening in the investment world. Take a course. If you are working with an advisor ask them for resources where you can learn more as a new investor.   Get more involved in your finances and you will feel more in control.


  • Stretch Yourself. Especially about things you fear.


Concerned about losing your job? Beef up your resume. Become more skilled at what you do. Ask yourself- What can I do to become a more invaluable employee, not just to your current employer, but to the industry you work in as a whole? Act as if you’re self-employed and take note of the results.


  • See the glass as full. There is always opportunity in failure and in uncertainty.


Ask Warren Buffet. His mantra is: “Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy”. Look for the silver lining. I will never forget when I met a cancer survivor who said she was glad she had gone through the experience. She realized what she was capable of and what was important in her life.


Embracing Uncertainty can be the ultimate gift that life has to offer…


Wishing yourself and your family, health wealth and abundance in 2016!


Jackie Porter