Approved Personal Service Providers

These service providers have been carefully screened by HAPPEN to ensure high quality and cost-effective service. HAPPEN, however, does not have any direct or indirect control over how a service is delivered, which is the exclusive responsibility of the service providers. HAPPEN does not make any assurances with respect to the outcome of each service or the manner in which a service is delivered. HAPPEN members are encouraged to confirm any representations made by a service provider.

In today’s new world of work, there are fantastic opportunities for those that are prepared to take control of their careers. To help HAPPEN members maximize these opportunities we have negotiated special fees and arrangements with the following list of Approved Service Providers.

Career Coaching

Resume Development and Coaching

Interview Coaching

Legal Services

Master your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts to accelerate your job search.

Personal Market Letter / Database Services

Bulletproofing Your Finances After Sudden Unemployment or Transition

Executive Image Consultation

Self-Employment Consulting & Matchmaking

Paul Hill's Ultimate Job Search Boot Camp