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Join HAPPEN for only $9.97/mo. and get access to all the great job listings, tools and people in our network.

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As a Happen Member, you get unlimited access to all Happen networking sessions. Members get the inside tips to start developing the relationships you need to succeed.

Personal Coaching

Happen has many partners, offering guidance in; Resumes, Interviews, Personal Marketing, Image, Finance, Employment Law,  Social Media and Small Business experts. As a member, you receive discounted access to all these services.

On-line Job Search App.

Included with your Personal Happen membership is a  one-year Premium account on JibberJobber! This app helps you expedite your job search by organizing and managing everything in your job search.

Recruiter Workshop

The world of recruitment is a world of it's own. Happen has relationships with hundreds of recruiters so you can speak with them and learn how to land that next job.

24/7 Connection

Looking for work can be a lonely job. Members are connected via our on-line service HappenLink. This service allows members access to many unadvertised positions and a host of fellow members willing to share advice and guidance on career related subjects.

Personal Assessments

Happen has plenty of resources to help guide you towards the next position that you're aiming for. You'll receive access to some of the world's most advanced personal assessments.

Income For Life

Recently, the Globe and Mail ran a story about someone I know who was, and still is a volunteer member of CARP, the Canadian Association of Retired Persons.  I met Bill VanGorder, a current CARP board member living in Halifax, years ago while I was Vice President and...

The End of Employment?

  In her prescient article “The End of Employment”, Liz Ryan foresaw a time when the nature of employment will change “not because full-time W-2 (the U.S. equivalent of a T-4) jobs will disappear from the landscape entirely, but because the used-to-be-central...


In retooling the New HAPPEN organization, we are mindful that in recent years, we've seen an increase in the challenges facing members looking for meaningful, well-paying jobs that recognized the value of their experience. Facing this reality, we realized that HAPPEN...

7 Ways to Boost Your Career in 2017

I was enjoying a beer over the holidays with a friend and sharing our recollections of the past year and what we had to look forward to in the coming year. Dan had his best year ever, he hit his sales numbers about two-thirds of the way through the year, earned a huge...

5 Ways to Speak Like the Ideal Candidate in an Interview

  Diana YK Chan, MBA Career Coach | Interview Strategist | Speaker | Recruiter ► Helping career changers & job seekers find meaningful work Any job seeker determined to finally have a meaningful career would agree that the job interview is the most crucial...

10 Surefire Tactics to Get Promoted Faster & Easier

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Declare your independence from your critics

"It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives...

How to Reapply After a Rejection

She was a senior human-resources professional who was laid off in summer 2009 from her job at large hospital in Texas. After the layoff, she did everything she knew from her years in HR would help her land a job. She woke early every day, put on her business suit,...

Global Market Outlook… According to T. Rowe Price

Global Market Outlook… According to T. Rowe Price   As the drag from weaker oil prices and the stronger U.S. dollar seen in 2015 begins to fade, U.S. corporate profits should turn upward in 2016.  But with muted growth continuing across most of the world's...

Financially Thriving after Sudden Unemployment Or Transition

Jackie Porter has been in the financial industry for 18 years serving over 400 families, established businesses and professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. Her practice focuses on investment planning, cash flow management and tax planning. In her role as a...

Client Feedback:

"I have used Wayne's unique approach in getting my resume noticed and finding employment. The last job I applied for myself received over 1,000 resumes, 200 people were interviewed, my chances were obviously very poor. Statistics show only 15% of job candidates find employment through the traditional method of sending resumes. Wayne's unique profile brochure made me stand out, we bypassed the gatekeepers (HR Departments) and reached the decision makers. Wayne directly contacted the top management of my favorite companies on my behalf and put his twenty some years marketing experience to promote my skills and get me noticed. It has worked for me and I am grateful, finally happily employed, thank you Wayne!"
Cameron A.

As a result of networking with HAPPEN Members, Recruiters, Career Professionals and working individuals, I developed a well rounded approach to my job search. I am happy to say that I received two offers (at the same time), and that I have accepted the one that I feel best fits my needs and interests. Things that I was able to hone, as part of my personal HAPPEN experience.


“I've taken a position as the GM for a small manufacturing company. I want to thank everyone at Happen for their kind words, wisdom, advice, and support over the last few months. It has been tremendously appreciated. Happen has been an excellent source of information, and networking. It is a very worthwhile group to join.”