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Happen Overview - Life after Layoff

Identifying Your Value- Judy Suke

Personal Resilience - Dick O'Brien

Personal Resilience - Dick O'Brien

Marketing Letters - Jim Geraghty

Member Testimonials

  • As a  result of networking with HAPPEN Members, Recruiters,  Career Professionals and working individuals, I developed a well rounded approach to my job search. I am happy to say that I received two offers (at the same time), and that I have accepted the one that I feel best fits my needs and interests. Things that I was able to hone, as part of my personal HAPPEN experience.
  • "HAPPEN provides a tremendous amount of information from a wide variety of experts. One particular session provided me with the tools and resources that I attribute to my confidence in interviews, which ultimately has helped me land my last two positions. I highly recommend this organization."
  • Yesterday, I did something I haven't done for a long time; I attended a Happen meeting and it was great to be back! My return to school had absorbed my attention and before I knew it, I was a lapsed Happenite. Are you a lapsed Happenite? The courage it takes to put on a brave face 24/7 can take it's toll. Try a Happen meeting for a big dose of support. That important connection might just be sitting next to you! See you next week! Dawn
  • I wanted to thank you for arranging today’s meeting at Happen with the panel of recruiters. Having more than one recruiter answer a range of questions what are relevant to me in job search was a great learning experience. It will help me to be more sensitive and aware of issues important to them and improve my preparedness when the opportunity arise. It is meetings like this that enhances the benefits of being a member of Happen.
  • “After I attended Paul Hill's Boot Camp and I was ready to apply all the good advice, confidence and positive energy that I got from this intensive training. I highly recommend it to anybody that is willing to get focused. Thanks to the happen executive and all the people that make HAPPEN possible. You have been a great support during my transition.”
  • “I have landed a full time position! It all happened very quickly. I am now the Operations Manager at Grade Learning. HAPPEN has been a wonderful learning experience and a very valuable part of my growth. I have applied so many of things I have learned; from speakers such as Donna Messer, Martin Buckland and so many more.”
  • “My journey from India to Canada wouldn't have been so enriching without HAPPEN. I landed about a year ago and learnt networking from this very place. My new position is both a result of networking and focused job search.”
  • “While it’s never fun to be out of work, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed meeting or talking with over 100 great people. I would like to thank you very much for your role in my job search and networking efforts. You and many others have shared ideas, contacts and job leads. You have also shared your support, energy and enthusiasm, and for this I am eternally grateful.”
  • “I've taken a position as the GM for a small manufacturing company. I want to thank everyone at Happen for their kind words, wisdom, advice, and support over the last few months. It has been tremendously appreciated. Happen has been an excellent source of information, and networking. It is a very worthwhile group to join.”
  • On January 7th I start work at Urban Electrical Contractors. My position is Director of Finance. The Happen group was invaluable in giving me the encouragement, and understanding of today's job search. I got a lot out of every guest speaker. It's a great organization that you run.

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